Woosh Een áyá Yoo X̱ʼatudli.átk

Tlingit Conversation Documentation Project, 2007-2013
University of Alaska Southeast, Alaska Languages Program

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The project team of Tlingit faculty and students at the University of Alaska Southeast and fluent Tlingit elders produced these subtitled videos for language learners.

To suggest corrections or offer comments, please email [email protected]. All improvements are welcomed.

Videos With Transcripts

01: Ḵeixwnéi Nora Dauenhauer and Ḵaanáḵ Ruth Demmert
Speakers are Ḵeixwnéi Nora Dauenhauer (left) and Ḵaanáḵ Ruth Demmert (right). Recorded June 29, 2007 at Bill Ray Center in Juneau, Alaska.
001_Ruth&Nora (pdf transcript)