Tlingit Verbs are the heart of the language. This page is dedicated to a series of projects on helping to understand, teach, decipher, and create Tlingit verbs. Much of the work here is built upon the existing works of Constance Naish, Gillian Story, Nora Dauenhauer, Richard Dauenhauer, Jeff Leer, Keri Eggleston (Edwards), James Crippen, and Seth Cable.

A series of videos are forthcoming which will help teach the concepts presented in this material. The video project is funded by the Goldbelt Heritage Foundation.

Haa Wsineix̱ Haa Yoo X̱ʼatángi

This is a document that is the first part of a (someday) three-part series for understanding and teaching grammatical concepts in Tlingit. The goals is to create a basic understanding for beginning and intermediate learners, preparing them for advanced verbal study in the Tlingit language.

Verbal Structure Handbook

This is a handbook designed by Dzéiwsh James Crippen. It is a powerful tool for interacting with all aspects of Tlingit grammar. The text is organized in a way that presents concepts in order that one might see them in Tlingit grammar.

575 Tlingit Verbs: a Study of the Paradigms

The dissertation of Keri Eggleston, which is based upon much of the work done in creating the 575+ Tlingit Verbs database, teaching Tlingit Linguistics through the University of Alaska Southeast, and working with elders and linguists. The accompanying 575 Tlingit Verbs: the Paradigms lists out the verbs that were included in the database, which includes invaluable conjugations of the included verbs.

Tlingit Verb Dictionary

Pioneering work by Constance Naish & Gillian Story. This out of print text contains the largest published collection of Tlingit Verbs to date. The way they are listed is outdated, but still useful for learners of all levels. The Tlingit–English section is alphabetized from front of the mouth to back of the throat sounds, which takes a while to memorize. The appendix information is very useful, but also is dated when compared to current verbal structure material.

Notes by Jeff Leer

These collections of notes not only show a wide collection of Tlingit verbs and vocabulary, but they also show one learners method to understanding Tlingit. Leer is the greatest Tlingit-Second-Language learner, and has unlocked a lot of language understanding for those wishing to speak and study Tlingit. His notes have been scanned and organized by Dzeiwsh James Crippen and the Alaska Native Language Center Archive.

Tlingit Stem List

Tlingit Verb Notes

An Index of Tlingit Verbs

This is a project by X̱ʼunei, which seeks to list documented Tlingit Verbs in spreadsheets. As of now, this is a growing spreadsheet that is sorted in several different methods to help find and study Tlingit Verbs. This collection also lists verbs by conjugation prefix, verb type, and classifier in hopes to understand how those components function in Tlingit grammar.

Tlingit Verbs by Root

Sorted by English Keyword

Sorted by Classifer

Sorted by Conjugation Prefix

Printable Collection (with all four listings)

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