Below is a list of pdf documents for playing games in Tlingit. If you have feedback on any of these, please send them in. Have fun!

Handling Verbs Game
This is a card game designed to help memorize the different handling verbs for Tlingit. Tlingit categorizes objects into a number of different categories, and there is a specific verb for each category when dealing with handling objects. The preverb can change to specify the type of action that is occurring.

Aadóo Sá Wa.é?
This is a series of questions and responses to be used with the board game Guess Who?. Some of the newer boards also have other sets with animals and aliens, and you can have fun with that and develop your own set of questions that test your language abilities.

This is a series of statements that replace the cards for the original Sorry board game. Players in the game should read the cards each time, and count and slide in Tlingit. Someday, we might have our own Tlingit Board for the game, like the one below. Tlingit Board (Eesháan)

This is a series of statements that replace the cards for the original Uno game. Players should draw cards for using English while playing in Tlingit.

Lingó (bingo)
These cards are intended for use in Beginning Tlingit classes to test basic vocabulary. Teachers should spend plenty of time covering the words, and should have light prizes for fun.

Tlingit Scrabble Tiles

These are only in paper right now, but maybe with some glue and elbow grease you can be counting up all those points in Tlingit. Watch for tone marks and vowel length!

Tlingit Scrabble (page 1) 

Card Suits and Tlingit Numbers & Names

clover – kayáani tlaax̱i

spade – ḵutlʼídaa

diamond – ḵóok

heart – ḵaa téix̱ʼ

tléixʼ – 1

déix̱ – 2

násʼk – 3

daaxʼoon – 4

keijín – 5

tleidooshú – 6

dax̱adooshú – 7

nasʼgadooshú – 8

gooshúḵ – 9

jinkaat – 10

aan yádi – J

aan tláa – Q

aan éesh – K

Astʼeix̱ Nagú!
Based on the Go Fish cardgame and developed by Ḵaakal.aat (Florence Sheakley). This game can be played with a standard deck of cards using Tlingit numbers and commands.

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