Advanced Materials

Tlingit Verb Conjugation book (draft) by X̱ʼunei

Verb Mode Tables by X̱ʼunei (draft)

575 Tlingit Verbs: a Study of the Paradigms (dissertation) by X̱ʼaagí Sháawu Keri Eggleston

575 Tlingit Verbs: the Paradigms (for the dissertation) by X̱ʼaagí Sháawu Keri Eggleston

Syntax in Tlingit Verbs by Dzéiwsh James Crippen

Tlingitology Seminar by Dzéiwsh James Crippen

Tlingit Glossing Guide by Dzéiwsh James Crippen

Relative Clauses by Dzéiwsh James Crippen

Tlingit Stem List by Jeff Leer

Tlingit Verbs (notes) by Jeff Leer

The Schetic Categories of the Tlingit Verb by Jeff Leer

The Scatic Categories of the Tlingit Verb A Whimsical Treatment of Tlingit Verb Paradigms (Made Painless with Laughing Gas) by Nora & Richard Dauenhauer

The Interrogative Words of Tlingit: An Informal Grammatical Studyby Seth Cable

The Grammar of Tlingit Language of Q: Q-Particles, Wh-Movement, and Pied-Piping by Seth Cable

Against the Existence of Pied- Piping: Evidence from Tlingit by Seth Cable

Insubordination in Tlingit: An Areal Effect? by Seth Cable

Distance Distributivity and Pluractionality in Tlingit (and Beyond) by Seth Cable

Future, Potential, Conditionals, and Decessive in Tlingit: A Report on the Empirical Findings from Recent Field Research by Seth Cable

A Compilation of Tlingit Verbs by X̱ʼunei

Tlingit Verbs by Stem – a list compiled by X̱ʼunei from Dictionary of Tlingit & Tlingit Verb Dictionary

Projects in Progress

Grammar of Tlingit Language by Dzéiwsh James Crippen

Basics of Tlingit Verbal Structure by Dzéiwsh James Crippen

Encyclopedic Dictionary of Tlingit by Dzéiwsh James Crippen