Beginning Tlingit

This page is designed to help students and followers of the Beginning Tlingit class to follow along with what we are studying in the class.

The main text we use is the Beginning Tlingit Workbook, which is based upon the amazing work by Richard & Nora Dauenhauer. This workbook takes the concepts in Beginning Tlingit and adds images, explanation, and a few more lessons for the learner.

Students should look at other Tlingit language resources, which can be found on the Resources tab of this website.


Beginning Tlingit II – Spring 2020

Beginning Tlingit II 106 at University of Alaska Southeast

April 20th & 22nd, 2020 – Eating & Cooking

Lesson Guide 5 Eating

Quizlet Link: Food & Drink Review

Videos: Sháaxʼ Sáani — Lingít Ḵusteeyí 

Homework: Eating

Quiz: Quiz 10 Eating

April 13th & 15th, 2020 – Verbs Verbs Verbs

Lesson Guide 4 Verbs Verbs Verbs

Worksheet: Pronouns

Quizlet Links: Verbs 2, Verbs 3, Future Verbs, Perfective (past) Verbs

Videos: Understanding the Tlingit Verb: Objects & Subjects

Homework: Verbs Verbs Verbs

Practice Quiz: Verbs

Quiz: Quiz 9 Verbs

April 6th & 8th, 2020 – Clans & Moieties

Lesson Guide 3 Clans & Moieties

Readings: Dauenhauer & Dauenhauer 1990 Intro, Dauenhauer & Dauenhauer 1990 George Davis Speech

Homework: Oral Practice

Quiz: Quiz 8 Beaver & Porcupine Verb Search

March 30th & April 1st, 2020 – Cultural Units & Shopping

Lesson Guide 2 Shopping

Quizlet Links: Sewing, Carving, Cleaning

Homework: Home Vocabulary

Quiz: Quiz 7 Cleaning

March 23rd & 25th, 2020 – Traveling, Place Names & Going Places

Lesson Guide 1 Going Places

Videos: Haa Léelkʼu Hás Aaní Ká Saaxʼú

Quizlets: Going Places 1, Going Places 2

Quiz: Quiz 6 Directionals

Final Project Guidelines

Mini Lesson Guidelines Updated

Syllabus Updated

March 2nd, 2020 – Midterm Review

Midterm Study Guide

February 26th, 2020 – Family

Quiz: Quiz 5 

February 24th, 2020 – Family, Weather & Time 

Quiz Study Guide: Quiz 5 Study Guide

Quizlet Links: Weather, Months Seasons, Days & Times

February 19th, 2020 – Family Vocab & Verbs

Quiz: Quiz 4

Homework: Family

February 17th, 2020 – Introductions & How to Stop X̱át x̱át x̱át -ing

Quiz Study Guide: Quiz 4 Study Guide

February 12th, 2020 – Questions

Quiz: Quiz 3

Quizlet Links: What do you have/ What do you see?, Forming Tlingit Questions, Question & Answer

February 10th, 2020 – Questions Review

Quiz Study Guide: Quiz 3 Study Guide

Syllabus Updated

Mini Lesson Guidelines

February 5th, 2020 – Time

Guest Speaker

Homework: Time

February 3rd, 2020 – Class Discussion

January 29th, 2020 – Chapter Reviews

Videos: Jessie Johnnie on Learning Tlingit

Homework: Reflection

Quizzes: Quiz 2

January 27th, 2020 – Sounds Practice & Listening Skills

Videos: Sounds Practice with Words, Analahash X̱ʼéidáx̱ Sh kalneek — Kéidladi

January 22nd, 2020 – Intro to Verbs & Questions Review

Files: Intro to Verbs, Intro to Questions

Quizzes: Quiz 1

Homework: Body Parts

Quiz Study Guide: Quiz 2 Study Guide

Quizlet Links: Body Parts & Family, Going Places, Verbs

January 15th, 2020 – Language Revitalization Lecture @ SHI

Video: Indigenous Language Revitalization Strategies with Tlingit Professor X̱ʼunei Lance Twitchell

Homework: Pronouns

Quiz Study Guide: Quiz 1 Study Guide

Quizlet Links: Nature, Village & People, Household Items, States of Being

January 13th, 2020 – Syllabus Review



Sound Practice

Beginning Tlingit II – Summer 2019


Beginning Tlingit II – Spring 2017

Our class meets Monday and Wednesday from 5:30–7:30 at the link below:
Join class

May 1, 2017 – coming & going
Watch class

April 26, 2017 – kinship terms, new sentences, coming & going
Watch class

April 24, 2017 – kinship terms, sentence review with kinship terms
Watch class

April 19, 2017 – story translation, kinship terms
Watch class

April 17, 2017 – story translation, using resources, kinship
Watch class
Handout: sigeidi_xhalakach

April 12, 2017 – dialogue, body parts, feelings
Watch class
Handout: dialoge-2, dialoge-3

April 10, 2017 – dialogue listening, dialogue practice
Watch class

April 3, 2017 – birds, weather, final projects
Watch class
Handout: Xʼéig̱aa Kayaaní Dísi & time (handout)

March 29, 2017 – birds, weather, snow, placenames
Watch class
Handouts: snow, landforms

March 27, 2017 – Weather & Verb Modes
Watch class

March 22, 2017 – Handouts for March 27 & 29
Handouts: battle-of-giants, Thornton-intro
Links to placename maps: Google Maps example, Carto example,

March 20, 2017 – Preparing for Midterms & Using Verbs
Watch class
Handouts: BT-Notes-04

March 8, 2017 – Preparing for Midterms & Using Verbs
Watch class
Handouts: BT-Notes-03

March 6, 2017 – Tlingit Elders Kaséix̱ & Shak Sháani & Weather
Watch class

March 1, 2017 – Weather & Using Verbs
Handout: BT-Notes-02
Watch class

February 27, 2017 – Noun Practice, Weather
Handout: weather & time (slideshow)
Watch class

February 22, 2017 – Pronouns, Placenames, Body Parts, Plant Parts, Landforms
Handout: body-plant-land, snowBT-Notes-01
Watch class

February 20, 2017 – Noun Review, Wáa sá iduwasáakw?, Verbs & Objects
Handout: Prounoun & Conjugating Card
Watch class

February 15, 2017 – Shmoozing & Conjugating, Noun Review, Wáa sá iduwasáakw?
Watch class

February 13, 2017 – Sound Practice, Daa sáyá, Daa sáwé iyatéen?
Watch class

January 30, 2017 – Sound Practice &  Tlingit Learning Methods
Watch class
Note: Beginning Tlingit Workbook has been updated! Check the link above.

January 25, 2017 – Tlingit Oratory
Watch class
Kaatyé (2), Naa Tláa

January 23, 2017 – Language Overview
Watch class

January 18, 2017 – Introductions & Language Overview
Watch class
Handout: Tlingit Overview 1 (slideshow)


Beginning Tlingit I – Fall 2016

December 5, 2016 – Finals Preparation (no recording)
Final Word list (draft)

November 30, 2016 – Useful Phrases; Names, Clans, Identities
Watch class
useful-phrases (slideshow)

November 28, 2016 – Realms of Existence; Names, Clans, Identities
Watch class
beginningtlingit-11-29 (class notes)

November 23, 2016 – Names, Clans, Identities
Watch class

November 21, 2016 – Words of Encouragement
Watch class
encouragement (slideshow)

November 16, 2016 – Names, Clans, Identities
Watch class
beginningtlingit-11-18 (class notes)

November 14, 2016 – Names, Clans, Identities
Watch class
beginningtlingit-11-14 (class notes)

November 7, 2016 – Names, Clans, Identities
Watch class
beginningtlingit-11-08 (class notes)

October 26, 2016 – Táaxʼaa, Review, Q&A Drills
Watch class
UAS Tlingit Language YouTube Channel
UAS Woosh Een áyá Yoo X̱ʼatudli.átk • Tlingit Conversation Documentation Project

October 24, 2016 –Táaxʼaa, Review, Q&A Drills
Watch class

October 19, 2016 – Táaxʼaa, lesson three, counting
Watch class
beginningtlingit-10-20 (class notes)

October 17, 2016 – Táaxʼaa, lesson three
Watch class
Handout: Táaxʼaanoun-flash-cards (pdf),

October 12, 2016 – lesson one review, lesson two, introductions
Watch class
beginningtlingit-10-14 (class notes), beginningtlingit-10-14_2 (class notes)

October 10, 2016 – lesson two, lesson one recap
Watch class

October 5, 2016 – lesson one, lesson two
Watch class

October 3, 2016 – lesson one, lesson two
Watch class

September 28, 2016 – counting, lesson one
Watch class

September 26, 2016 – sound practice, basic phrases, lesson one
Watch class

September 21, 2016 – visting scholar Ḵeixwnéi Nora Dauenhauer
Watch class

September 19, 2016 – Sound Practice, Learning Philosophies, Daa Sáyá, Vocabulary
Watch class
Handouts: Language Learning Methods,Tlingit Learning Methodologies Slides

September 14, 2016 – Sound Practice, Daa Sáyá, Vocabulary
Watch class

September 12, 2016 – Sound Practice, Daa Sáyá, Vocabulary
Watch class • Sound Practice on YouTube

September 7, 2016 – Learning a language, Sound Practice, Daa Sáyá
Watch class

August 31, 2016 — Introduction to Tlingit, Learning Strategies, Sounds
Watch class
Handouts: Beginning-Tlingit-01 (slideshow)
Homework: 1) read Beginning Tlingit from opening pages through the end of Lesson 1, 2) read Beginning Tlingit Workbook from opening pages through “Daa Sáyá” • should be completed by next class (September 7, 2016)

Beginning Tlingit Workbook Chapters (in case the 252 page file is too large): Beginning_Tlingit_Preface,Beginning_Tlingit_0 Beginning_Tlingit_1 Beginning_Tlingit_2 Beginning_Tlingit_3 Beginning_Tlingit_4 Beginning_Tlingit_5 Beginning_Tlingit_6 Beginning_Tlingit_7 Beginning_Tlingit_8 Beginning_Tlingit_9

August 29, 2016 – Introductions & Class Syllabus
Watch class
Handouts: AKL105-syllabus, tlingit introductionGoal_Sheet
Sources discussed: Beginning Tlingit Workbook, Tlingit Dictionary (draft), Tlingit Resources (Tlingit Verb Dictionary, Dictionary of Tlingit, Beginning Tlingit, Lingít X̱ʼéináx̱ Sá.

Beginning Tlingit II – Spring Semester

Classes can be viewed here on YouTube and the handouts for the class are listed below the date.

April 27, 2015 – Beginning_Tlingit_Final

April 15, 2015 (watch class, part two)
semester review

April 13, 2015 (watch class)
Tlʼanaxéedáḵw Shkalneegí

April 8, 2015 (watch class)
Tlʼanaxéedáḵw Shkalneegí

April 6, 2015 (watch class)
Tlʼanaxéedáḵw Shkalneegí

March 25, 2015 (watch class)
Tlʼanaxéedáḵw Shkalneegí
Handout: Tlʼanaxéedák̲w

March 23, 2015 (watch class)
review: body parts, feelings, dialogue

March 11, 2015 (watch class)
word review, putting on/ taking off, weather, body parts, conditions, etc

March 9, 2015 (watch class)
body parts, wanting/needing/having, weather
handout: Beginning Tlingit Workbook Chapter 5
handout: hand parts

March 4, 2015 (watch class)
kinship terms, body parts, feelings, wanting/needing, aches & pains
handout: Beginning Tlingit Chapter 5 (update)

March 2, 2015 (watch class)
body parts, feelings, wanting/needing, aches & pains
handout: Beginning Tlingit Chapter 5

February 25, 2015 (watch class)
Body Parts, Weather, Introductions, Dialogue Practice

February 23, 2015 (watch class)
Introductions, Basic Verb Conjugation

February 18, 2015 (watch class)
dialogue practice, introducing self, introducing others (after many minutes of technical difficulties)

February 16, 2015 (watch class)
Greetings, Introductions, Basic Verb Conjugations, Pronouns
Handout: Dialogue Practice 1

February 11, 2015 (watch class)
pronouns, introductions, kinship, weather, basic verb conjugation

February 9, 2015 (watch class)
Pronouns, Introductions, Weather

February 4, 2015 (watch class)
Review: Daa sáyá? Daa sáwé iyatéen? Independent, possessive, object/subject pronouns for 1st, 2nd, 3rd person.

February 2, 2015 (watch class)
We struggled with the phone this evening, but then were able to figure things out (the first fifteen minutes or so is the struggle). After that, we went over the set of phrases that were developed and collected by the Yakutat Tlingit Tribeʼs Mentor-Apprentice Program in December 2014. We also discussed some basics of motion verbs including a future, progressive imperfective, and perfective form.

January 28, 2015 (watch class)
Today in class we named things that fly (birds, insects) and then went over a set of phrases that were developed and collected by the Yakutat Tlingit Tribeʼs Mentor-Apprentice Program in December 2014. The handout is below.

Handout: MAP Phrases 2

January 26, 2015 (watch class)
We reviewed the material from last semester, focusing on sound practice and lesson one.

January 21, 2015 (watch class)
We reviewed the material from last semester, focusing on sound practice and lesson one.

January 14, 2015 (watch class)
Beginning Tlingit I Review

January 12, 2015 (watch class)

Handout: AKL 106 Syllabus

Beginning Tlingit I – Fall Semester

Class Two – class overview, sound practice (watch the class)
Handout: Updated first chapters of Beginning Tlingit Workbook

Class Three – the Tlingit language, sound practice (watch the class)

Handout: Beginning Tlingit Lesson One Noun Flashcards

Handout: Beginning_Tlingit_1

Handout: Beginning_Tlingit_2

Handout: Beginning_Tlingit_3

Handout: Beginning_Tlingit_4

Handout: Tlingit Kinship Chart (blank)

Handout: Plural Pronouns

Handout: Tlingit Clan List (draft)

Veteranʼs Day Handout: 54 Soboleff & Ramos & video link

11/25/2014 Handout: Weather Cards

Selected Words (Section 1, M–Th 12–1 pm)AKL 01 Selected Words,

AKL 105 01 Words Final

AKL105(1) words 01 (audio)

AKL105(1) words 01 (audio)

Taan T’éix̱ʼ

Taan T’éix̱ʼ









Tsʼaxweil Du Yéet

Tsʼaxweil Du Yéet



Yei Dulitseen

Yei Dulitseen

Yeil Tʼoochʼ Tláa

Yeil Tʼoochʼ Tláa

AKL 02 Words Test Final

AKL105(2) words 01 (audio)

AKL105(2) words 01 (audio)





Kóot X̱eech

Kóot X̱eech



Sinakwaa Tláa

Sinakwaa Tláa



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