Learning Tlingit can be started anywhere. The videos listed below are intended to help you practice certain concepts in Tlingit. This is a good step to take, and can get you started on your path to learning. You need to interact with speakers, especially fluent birth speakers, in order to attain fluency in the language and culture, but you can practice anywhere.

Check back often for updates. Gunalchéesh!


Introduction to Tlingit Sounds – introduction to the sounds in Tlingit.

Introduction to Tlingit Sounds with Words – sounds introduction using words.

Lingít Yoo X̱ʼatángi Tin Datóow Ḵa Alḵáa (Tlingit Language) – counting & basic card games

Sea, Land, Sky – learn the names of common sea animals, land animals, flying animals, and plants


Tlingit Pronouns & Possessive Pronouns – covers 6 independent pronouns and 6 possessive pronouns


Understanding the Tlingit Verb: Objects & Subjects – verb conjugating for person

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