The collection of resources located within this website are the work of dedicated Tlingit language teachers, researchers, advocates, and in a word: warriors. This work has been developed, scanned, shared, and generally made available by a number of hands. The work gathered here follows the dedication pages of many of the works of Ḵeixwnéi & Xwaayeenáḵ who would often note: this material belongs to the Tlingit people.

If you have things you would like to share, please feel free to email them or to post links here. Check back often as new things are uploaded in the following formats: print, poster, audio, and video.

Gunalchéesh. Haa dachx̱ánxʼi sáani kagéi yís.

Social Isolation Studies!

Áa Duzoomi Yé ḵuyawdahaayí ḵa xʼúxʼ

New Materials (draft)

Tlingit Introduction Template

Lingít Shkalneegí Haa Yátx’i Kagéiyi Yís by X̱ʼunei

Studycard Set by X̱ʼunei

Sʼigeidí ḵa X̱alakʼáchʼ by Keiyishí ḵa X̱ʼunei

Introduction to Tlingit Verbs slideshow by Éedaa ḵa X̱ʼunei

Verb Database view (in browser) and download

Kichnáalx̱ George Davis speeches (1980) Handount (Kichnáalx̱)

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