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Tlingit Dictionary 07-23-2018


This is a living dictionary project that is the result of generations of collaboration between speakers, teachers, researchers, and students. A majority of the nouns come from Jeff Leer’s Interior Tlingit Dictionary, and the verb information and modes from Keri Egglestonʼs 575+ Tlingit Verbs: The Paradigms and the related webpages hosted by Goldbelt Heritage Foundation, as well as the webpage “Continuing Verb Documentation” hosted by the Alaska Native Knowledge Network. The words and knowledge all comes from many different Tlingit speakers, many of whom have “walked into the forest” and are no longer with us. The language and this work belongs to haa dachx̱ánxʼi sáani—our little grandchildren. When known, sources have been listed as follows: (NS) Shaachookwá Constance Naish &Naats Tláa Gillian Story Tlingit Verb Dictionary (1973); (NR) Ḵeixwnéi Nora & Xwaayeenáḵ Richard Dauenhauer; (JL) Weihá Jeff Leer Tlingit Verbs (1974), Tlingit Stem List (1978), Interior Tlingit Noun Dictionary (2001 with Doug Hitch & John Ritter); (AH) Andy Hope; (MJ) Gooshdehéen Mark Jacobs Jr; (KE) X̱ʼaagi Sháawu Keri Eggleston Dictionary of Tlingit, 575+ Tlingit Verbs: The Paradigms, and continued verb research; (GD) Kaxwaan Éesh George Davis; (MD) Sháksháani Marge Dutson; (BF) Kóoshdaakʼu Éesh Bill Fawcett; (JM) Keihéenákʼw John Martin; (CM) Ḵʼaltseen Carolyn Martin (LA) Yaxduláḵt’ Lillian Austin; (EM) Dasdiyaa Ethel Makinen; (HJ) G̱ooch Shaayí Harold Jacobs; (SH) Shx̱ásti Sally Hopkins, (SB) Aantsoox̱ Sally Burratin, (JC) Dzéiwsh James Crippen, (EN) Seidayaa Elizabeth Nyman, (TY) Ḵaajeetguxeex Thomas Young, (DK) King̱eestí David Katzeek, (TT) Yaan Jiyeet G̱áax̱ Thomas Thornton, (FS) Ḵaaḵal.aat Florence Sheakley, (CJ) Ḵaal.átkʼ Charlie Joseph, (HW) Ḵaaháni Helen Watkins, (JH) Gax̱daakashú Joe Hotch, (JM) K’óox Johnny Marks, (FW) G̱unáak’w Fred White, (CG) Ḵaalḵáawu Cyril George, (BC) Keiyishí Bessie Cooley, (RL) Koolyeiḵ Roby Littlefield, (SE) Kaséix̱ Selina Everson, (MH) G̱unéiwti Marsha Hotch, (TV) Naatskʼi Éesh Ted Valle, (WM) Kéet Yanaayí Willie Marks, (EmM) Séig̱éig̱éi Emma Marks, (DA) Shaakʼu Éesh Devlin Anderstrom, (LF) Achwéi Lena Farkas, (NL) Daasdiyaa Nellie Lord, (RD) Ḵaanáḵ Ruth Demmert, (NL) Naakil.aan Hans Chester, (IC) Jig̱eit Tláa Irene Cadiente, (IdC) La.óos Tláa Ida Calmegane, (HS) Ḵaax̱tseen Herb Sheakley, (PM) Kinkawduneek Paul Marks, (MA) Seidayaa Mary Anderson, (FD) Kux̱aankutaan Fredrica DeLaguna, (NJ) Ḵaaklig̱é Norman James.

This project is supported by Goldbelt Heritage Foundation and the University of Alaska Southeast. Text input and conversion has been completed by a team that includes Éedaa Heather Burge, Kaasteen Jill Meserve, Yat Tootéen Mallory Story, Chalyee Will Geiger, and X̱ʼunei Lance Twitchell. Proofreading and done by Aandax̱ltín Stephanie Tripp, and editing assistance has been provided by G̱unéiwti Marsha Hotch. They typos and other errors are the responsibility of the editor. This is a living dictionary, so additions and suggestions are welcome. No one document can accurately portray a language, and this is not intended to do so, but is offered as a learning guide and method to document our langauge and create new words when we need them.

Updated: 11 August 2016

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