Tlingit Oral Literature

This page is designed to help students and followers of the class, Tlingit Oral Literature, of Spring 2019. Classes can be viewed here on YouTube and the handouts for the class are listed below the date.

The main texts we use are Haa Shuká: Our AncestorsHaa Tuwunáagu Yís: For Our Healing SpiritGágiwduł.àt: Brought Forth to Reconfirm the Legacy of a Taku River Tlingit Clan, and Anóoshi Lingít Aaní Ká: Russians in Tlingit America. We will reference other texts, including Verbal Structure Handbook & Tlingitology Seminar by Dzéiwsh James Crippen, and the 575 Tlingit Verbs dissertation & 575 Tlingit Verbs: the Paradigms by Keri Eggleston.

Students should look at other Tlingit language resources, which can be found on the Resources tab of this website.


Tlingit Oral Literature – Spring Semester, 2019

We will be meeting using Zoom meeting software. You can access our class by clicking here.


Tʼaawáḵ Dísi 16 (latín!)
sh wuduwasáakw, shkalneek daat yoo x̱ʼatánk, haa yéi jineiyí, ḵoon ḵunáax̱ daak kaaduwaník, haa at kuna.áag̱u
Handout:Dauenhauer Collection Finding Guide,

Tʼaawáḵ Dísi 14 (latín!)
sh wutudisáakw, táakw dulsáayi daat yoo x̱ʼawtuli.át, haa táakw shoowú yéi jineiyí, x̱ʼakadunéek, shkalneek, ELAN, ḵa daa sá.

Tlingit Oral Literature – Fall Semester, 2015

November 30, 2015
Handout: battle-of-sitka
Content: Geesh G̱eey (Watch on Youtube), Battle of Sitka, Nyman

November 23, 2015
Handout: Nyman1 Nyman2 Nyman3 Nyman4 Nyman5 Nyman6
Content: Yéil Ḵutláakw,

November 16, 2015 (watch class)
Handout: 06-01 SJ Raven & Uncle – final, 06-02 SJ Raven makes Aleutians – final, 06-03 SJ Raven & Fire – final, 06-04 SJ Raven & Salmon Box – final, 06-05 SJ Raven & Tide Lady – final, 06-06 SJ Raven & Blueberries – final, 06-07 SJ Raven Hosts Potlatch – final06-08 SJ Raven & Killerwhales – final, 06-09 SJ Raven & Whale – final, 06-10 SJ Raven Loses Nose – final, 06-11 SJ Raven & Daylight – final
SJ Yéil Ḵutláakw (mp3)
Content: Yéil Ḵutláakw

November 9, 2015 (watch class)
Content: “mid term” presentations!

November 2, 2015 (watch class)
Handout: Nyman1, Nyman2
Content: Haa Tuwunáagu Yís, Gági Wdul.aat

October 26, 2015 (watch class)
Handout: packet-6,
Content: Because We Cherish You, Haa Tuwunáagu Yís

October 19, 2015 (watch class)
Handout: porcupine & beaver story
Beaver and Porcupine

Content: Comprehension Exercise, Haa Tuwnáagu Yís, class plan

October 12, 2015 (watch class)
Handout: packet-5
Content: Haa Tuwunáagu Yís

October 5, 2015 (watch class)
Handout: packet-4
Content: Haa Tuwunáagu Yís
Handouts: packet-4a, packet-4

September 28, 2015 (watch class)
Handout: packet-2, packet-3
Content: Adverbs, Adjectives, Haa Shuká …

September 21, 2015 (watch class)
Handout: adjectives & adverbs
Content: Adverbs, Adjectives, Haa Shuká …

September 14, 2015 (watch class)
Handout: packet-1, Verbal Structure Handbook, Tlingit Verbal Structure Template, Listen: The Education of Nora DauenhauerDauenhauer Collection Finding Guide
Content: guest speaker, course methodology, immersion methods, language structure, Lingít shkalneegí

August 31, 2015 (watch class)
Introductions, class overview, topics for immersion
Handouts: AKL 350 Syllabus
Content: Introductions, immersion methods